One of the most popular training methods for losing weight is the High Intensity Interval Training ( HIIT ). Among the various types of interval training, the Tabata protocol has become one of the best known thanks to its short duration and easy execution.

Group of adults participating in a fitness class.

Although training follows the principle of increased cardiorespiratory capacity it also stimulates metabolism and thus helps to lose weight.

For those who have little time to train, do not have gym equipment or are bored easily because they find a monotonous workout routine, this could be a good workout solution.

What is Tabata Protocol?

The Tabata Protocol consists of a 4-minute training consisting of 8 20-second intervals during which exercises with maximum effort, ranging from 10 seconds of active recovery.

This type of workout has to be adapted to the goals of the industry professionals. You can perform Tabata compounds from a single exercise or combine different ones.

You can also run several tabs in the same training session but those who are trying to lose weight must know the secret:

What is the rule for creating a Tabata that helps you lose weight?

Perform exercises that involve several muscle groups and with greater intensity. For example: squat, burpees, pliometric exercises, sprints, etc.

To improve the results of Tabata training, you should make the largest number of repetitions in the first interval and try to maintain the same number of repetitions in the subsequent ranges. This ensures a high level of intensity.

Before starting any of the following plans, it’s important to evaluate your physical condition and your workout experience so you can choose the most appropriate level and run the training program between 2 and 3 times a week.


Choose one of the protocols below or alternatively on the different training days:

Protocol 1
Exercise: Star Jumps
Intervals: 8
Duration: 4 minutes
Drive: 8x 20 “run + 10” rest


Protocol 2
Exercise: Mountain Climber + Squat
Intervals: 8
Duration: 4 minutes
Drive: 8x 20 “run + 10” rest

1st Interval – Mountain Climber (20 “Running + 10” Rest)
2nd Interval – Squat (20 “Running + 10” Rest)
3rd Range – Mountain Climber (20 “Running + 10” Rest)
4th Interval – Squat (20 Running + 10 “rest)
5º range – Mountain Climber (20” execution + 10 “rest)
6th Interval – Squat (20” execution + 10 “rest)
7th range – Mountain Climber (20” execution + 10 “rest)
8º Interval – Squat ( 20 “execution + 10” rest)


Run the following protocol. Rest for 2 minutes and repeat.

Exercises: Squat + Burpees + Flexions + Sprint
Intervals: 8 intervals + 2 minutes of rest + 8 intervals
Duration: 10 minutes

1st Interval – Squat (20 “Execution + 10” Rest)
2º Interval – Burpees (20 “Execution + 10” Rest)
3º Interval – Squat (20 “Execution + 10″ Rest)
4th Interval – Burpees (20 ” 10 “rest) 7º Interval – Flexes (20” run + 10 “rest) 8º Sprint (20”
run + 10 “rest)
6º Interval – Sprint (20” Execution + 10 “rest)


2-minute rest



Run the following protocol. Rest for 2 minutes and repeat.

Exercises: Jump squat + Rope jumps + Flexion knees to the elbows + Burpees
Intervals: 4 x 8 intervals (2 minutes rest between the intreventes)
Duration: 24 minutes

Jump squats: 8 x 20 “running + 10” off
2-minute rest
Jump to the rope: 8 x 20 “running + 10” off
2-minute rest
Pushups knees to elbows: 8 x 20 “running + 10” rest
2-minute rest
Burpees:: 8x 20 “execution + 10” rest

As with every workout, you should have a few minutes to warm up and to get a cold after the session.

For those who are starting to exercise, it is advisable to start from the beginner level and gradually increase the intensity as you feel more prepared.

Everyone can take advantage of this type of weight loss training: just adjust the exercises and the intensity to your level and combine a balanced diet that avoids the most common nutritional mistakes . If necessary, regular dietary supplements can be considered in accordance with the goals set.

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