If you’ve followed our previous article, the latest beginner’s training program , or if you have some gym experience and feel ready to consider yourself an intermediate, then you mean you’ve worked as you should to get here.

In this program, we will continue to do exercises that work on multiple muscle groups at the same time, but we will add some more moves that will allow you to strike specific muscles so you have greater control over your muscle activity and improve the underdeveloped muscles. The objective will be to help you carry out every part of your body, carving the physicist to achieve the look you want to achieve.

At this stage, the training routine will consist of 4 days of workout and 3 days of rest a week. Unlike the beginner’s program, your arms will have a full day of workout.Get ready to see the weapons become huge! Shoulders, from now on will be put into back training.

Follow the protocol that was shown in the beginner’s program, set up the weights with which you are training (70% to 80% of 1RM) and go to the gym every time as it was last!







This intermediate training program is designed to keep you constantly evolving for 6/12 months, depending on the intensity you train with. The challenge with the beginner program is that you will have longer training sessions, especially with regard to the back / shoulder back and you will have a deaf day in your arms.

This program provides new exercises and many of them focus on individual muscles more efficiently, squeezing to the last drop of strength you can gather.

After doing these workouts for a period of 6/12 months, counting both beginners and intermediate programs, you will have a combined 1 or 2 year training experience.This means that when you finish, you should have the knowledge of a well-trained bodybuilder with a strong and muscular physician to guarantee the experience gained in the gym.

Starting from this moment you will miss a few months to have a body ready for competitive levels, with strong muscles that will gain a place on the stage of any fitness competition.

At this, you will follow the advanced training program, where you will walk through the last painful steps towards a dream body. Stay tuned, we will soon post this program.

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