Do you want to shape your own seat, have high and glutinous buttocks for a perfect b side? This gluteal exercise training program  utilizes body weight without the need for tools, and is therefore most convenient to run at home.

In only 30 days of training you will have a perfect seat, firm and toned buttocks! The gluteus training program is free and consists of 8 toning exercises and 3 stretching exercises: 8 exercises, 5 must be performed first with the right part of the body and then with the left.

It is a gluteal exercise program that provides muscular enhancement modulable depending on the level of training of each one and helps you get a  toned and hard seat  .

How to perform buttocks exercises?

The general principle of the program is to repeat the same movement several times for 30 seconds and then allow a 30 second recovery time. The execution speed must be supported but not maximal.

Depending on your physical preparation , you can perform between 20 and 30 repetitions of exercise during the 30-second effort. You can use a stopwatch to give you the rhythm and observe run and rest times. You have to run a minimum of 4 series for each exercise to act on the design and tone of your buttocks.

30 day program to tone your buttocks

Exercise program with exercises to relieve buttocks in 30 days

During the first 10 days of the program to fix the seat, you must do 4 sets of 30 seconds and 30 seconds of rest for each exercise. From the eleventh day, the evolution is as follows:

  •  From 11th to 15th day: 5 series for each exercise, 30 “work + 30” rest
  •  From 16th to 20th day: 5 sets of each exercise, 30 “work + 20” rest
  • From 21st to 25th day: 6 sets of each exercise, 30 “work + 20” rest
  •  From 26th to 30th day: 6 sets of each exercise, 30 “work + 10” rest

The number of sets is then 4, then 5, and finally 6. Going forward with the program, the recovery time decreases.

Exercises for the buttocks can be made with ankles but the duration of the effort must never exceed 30 seconds. You can choose to run this training program every day but also on alternate days or 1 day on 3 if your physical condition is not the best and the themes of having muscular soreness: the important thing is to fix a program and keep it .

Download and print exercise program to strengthen the buttocks >>

Duration of training session

You have to dedicate to your sessions more or less 35 minutes, divided as follows:

  • First phase: 5 minutes of elongation. Hold the position for 30 seconds and release for 30 “. Run to the right and then to the left.
  • Second phase: 4 x 4 for the 4 toning exercises, so between work and rest times you have to count about 24/25 minutes for the first 10 days. When exercise solves only one side of the body, remember that you have to double the series to achieve exercise both right and left. A complete set runs on one side and then on the other.
  • Step Three: After the work phase, it is very important to stretch the buttocks to oxygenate the muscle so as to avoid numbness and muscular fatigue: hold the position for 30 seconds, concentrate on the breath, and relax for 30 seconds. Run to the right and to the left: Do you feel so many benefits in stretching your muscles? Watch the video of Giovanna Lecis and run with her the stretch sequence of 5 minutes.

Customize your program to strengthen your seat!

The program chosen by Melarossa is modular so you can choose to follow an intense program by performing the 8 exercises of toning the buttocks each time and setting different sets, but if your goal is to  get fit , it is advisable to work progressively and start With the 4 exercises we offer every day, always starting with an exercise to stretch the buttocks and finishing the workout with another stretching exercise.

Of the 8 exercises, 5 solicit the great gluteus, the muscle that shapes your seat, and 3 exercises fix the middle gluteus and give you the feeling of remodeling. You could also decide to follow the program for 5 days a week, then devote one day to the race (go to our program ) and rest on the seventh day: doing so, the proposed program would last 6 weeks.

Exercise program for the buttocks

1Exercises buttocks: piriformis muscle lengthening

Lying on the back, one leg flexed, system the foot of the other leg on the knee. Take your leg flex with both hands and without strain, bring it to your chest. Hold the position for 30 seconds. Run to the right and to the left.

2Gluteal exercises: Psoas elongation

Standing in front of a table, he hands his hands and the right knee on the floor, the heel in contact with the gluteus. The ground leg should be stretched with the heel resting. Inspiring, bring as much as you can the bust forward and keep the position for 30 “. Run to the right and to the left.

3Gluteal exercises: elongation of pelvis-trochanteric muscles


Sitting, cross one leg over the other by placing the foot on the floor above the knee. By turning the bust slightly, pass the opposite arm by placing your elbow on your knee: always keep your back straight and your belly in. Inspiring and exhaling, it takes the knee inwards.

Gluteal exercises: squats

Squat, fix the buttocksStanding feet, legs spread apart to the shoulders width, toe tips slightly outward, body weight perfectly centered. Bring your arms behind your back. Bending your knees as yourself to sit on a chair, bring your buttocks back by lightening your toes and feeling body weight on your heels, keep your straight bust, your abdomen If you have trouble balancing, you can safely carry your arms Forward during the downhill phase. Returns to the starting position.

4Gluteal Exercises: thrust-ups

Very simple exercise that consists in making a series of small vertical hips, with legs stretched and no bend to the knees, to tone the buttocks and calves. You can wear ankles at your choice.

5Buttocks: Side Effects

Also called fire hydrant or the exercise of the “dog that makes the pipi”. Start kneeling with straight back and belly in. Inspires and, exhaling, raises the knee sideways at 90 degrees. Be careful not to move neither the bust nor the side. To increase the difficulty, you can wear ankles. Run to the right and to the left.

6Gluteal exercises: donkey kicks

Kneeling, slightly open parallel legs. Keeping the bust always straight and belly inside, breathes and, exhaling, makes a momentum back, the leg at 90 degrees. Block movement when the thigh is parallel to the floor: be careful not to bend your back. To increase the difficulty, you can wear ankles. Run to the right and to the left.

7Buttocks: The bridge

Also called hip lift, it is a great exercise to strengthen the abdominal belt and buttocks. Starting position: lying on the back, with open feet to the basin width, arms around the body, and the palms of the hands leaning on the ground. Inspiring, lift the pelvis by contracting the buttocks and keeping the position. Be careful not to lift your head to avoid contracting the cervical and not arcing your back. The body must be straight as a table.

8Gluteal exercises: the bridge on one leg





Starting lying on the back, legs bent and slightly open, open your arms outward so you have more stability. Swing the right leg a few inches from the ground (top illustration ): breathe and exhale push on the left leg and lift the basin from the floor until you bring your thighs to the same level ( bottom illustration ). Do not move the basin and concentrate on the breath. To increase the difficulty, you can wear ankles. Run to the right and to the left.

9buttocks exercises: hip abduction

Spread to the right flank, bend the right elbow under the head: the body must be straight like a table, the belly inside. Inspires and exhales, raising the left leg stretched upward. Returns to the starting position. Do not move the basin and concentrate on the breath. To increase the difficulty, you can wear ankles. Run to the right and to the left.

10Gluteal exercises: side plank

It is the most difficult variant of the previous exercise. Lie down on the left flank, legs stretched, resting on the forearm. The elbow must be on the same shoulder line. By contracting abdominal and buttocks, unplug the basin from the ground and lift up with legs and back well aligned. Raises your right leg and performs a series of throws while being careful not to lose the balance.

It’s a very challenging exercise, so if you’re not very trained or you find it tedious, the leg throws perform only the side plank, keeping the position, but if you want to increase the difficulty, you can wear ankles. Run to the right and to the left.

Good workout with gluteal exercises!

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