Again this autumn is preparing to make its own entrance, bringing fresh and wanting to train. In September many gyms are re-opened, and those who have stopped workouts are ready to resume them , as well as those who approach this world for the first time.


Unfortunately, however, it is often and happily that few people spend the first month , either because they can not get the results they want (in our sport the hurry is not tolerated) or because they hurt because of bad workouts.

Here are the 12 basic tips for starting a new year at the gym .

  1. Mass and Weight Loss : Always remember that putting on weight or losing weight is not enough for the gym. 80% of the work makes it a diet, so before you feel frustrated and demoralized for not having achieved any result, have a food plan appropriate to your goal.
  2. Heating First of all : This is a board that should be followed throughout the year. Heating is critical and does not require any time, it takes about 5 to 10 minutes. This heating, performed with machines dedicated to cardio fitness, serves to irrigate the muscles of blood, a fundamental process that allows to bring nutrients to the muscles.
  3. Do not do it : When you enter the gym the first thing you will notice will be the other athletes lifting kg and kg of cast iron. Do not do the fighi and then avoid imitating them because it hurts you to get seriously injured and stop working. So begin without shame, with weights suitable for your ability even if you have to deal with 3 to 5 kg.
  4. Follow Light Workouts : When you approach the world of fitness and body building for the first time, you must keep in mind that your body has never had to deal with weights, exercises, and repetitions. It is therefore important to follow light workouts that will allow your muscles to get used to this new routine. Also avoid long training 3 hours, never exceed 60 to 90 minutes.
  5. Dress yourself as you should : Going to the gym with your pussy shoes just to try to hit it does not make much sense. Going to the gym requires proper clothing. The shoes must first be suitable as well as comfortable. For the clothes, instead, try to dress on an “onion”. Suddening you will have to undress but as soon as you stop it is important to cover yourself immediately. An intensive training session lowers our immune defenses greatly, exposing us to colds and influences most.
  6. Supplements : Do not be fooled by who sells them. They are very useful but not to those who are in the early arms. Taking creatine when they raise 5 to 10 kg is virtually useless. Expect to have learned the right technique, the right consistency, and having reached a stalemate that diet and training can no longer make you overcome.
  7. Hydrate as you should : In the gym you must have with at least 2 liters of water, any other beverage is useless as well as counterproductive (except for mineral-based drinks).
  8. Rest : Another tip for everyone. Doing 6 workouts per week is counterproductive and at the long run it could lead to serious complications. It is vital for the body to have the right time to recover.
  9. Patience : It takes months or years, depends on your goals, to achieve what you wanted. Do not be in a hurry, in a few weeks you do not get much.
  10. Stretching : It seems trivial, but doing some stretching exercise after each workout is very useful in order to dissolve the muscles.
  11. Legs : A lot of early athletes neglect this muscle group because they are convinced that doing the ball game with friends does not need to train them. Mistaken.
  12. Meals before and after workout : A car without gasoline will not do that much. This little metaphor can be used perfectly even in our sport. Given that your food plan is correct, it is very important to have a meal before training (about 1 hour before) based on low glycemic protein and low carbohydrate. Immediately after training, however, it is important to take protein and high glycemic index carbohydrates. Glycemic index: The importance of this factor in our diets

These are just some of the main tips I have to give to all newbies who are approaching the gym for the first time. Obviously, a review does not hurt even those who have a certain experience.

And do you think about these tips? Would you add some more?

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